Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For: Today's Young Men...

Today's Scripture Coming From the Book(s) of:

1 Corinthians 15:33- Do Not be deceived. "Bad Company corrupts good morals.

Today's Message is about a Young man name Reggie.
Reggie, would be what you would call a Gangsta Wannabe" Representing the Blue Gang" Reggie, called His "Gang" Friends, Family, Homeys, My Boys. " Before I go on lets take a look Back into Reggie's life before He became a " Gangsta Wannabe."

Reggie, was an all star Basketball Player with College Basketball Scouts lined up outside His door, to offer Him a Basketball Scholarship. But in between this time frame Reggie, started keeping.. ' Bad Company" (Blue Gangster Wannabes") So, I asked Reggie, you say... they are Your "Boy's" are you sure they are your " Boy's.

I said... Reggie, they know and see what you are trying to accomplish, GREAT things with your life. They know the potential you have. If their your " friends or Boy's" When they are getting ready to get into something they should be sating... " Reggie, get out of here lay down your Blue Rag, and go home Study.. and get that paper ( Scholarship).

Reggie, stood on the Word of God. Do not be deceived. " Bad Company Corrupts good Morals." ( 1 Corinthians 15:33) He is now at UCLA on a Basketball Scholarship.

A Shout OUT! To All: The "Reggie's" out there choose the Players (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) on your team.

Remember to reach out to the Youth... Especially to our Young Men, no matter the Pigmentation of the skin... We must reach Out to Our Young Men...

Thank You, Holy Spirit for the Leading....

Written By: Tracy La Wanda Dyke

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